Sunday, March 23, 2014

Learning To Edit Videos

I edited some old ones too. I will post some in the future or you can go to YouTube and watch them. Be sure to subscribe and learn with me!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Keeko The Giant Puppy

Pardon my lack of posts about my foster Keeko. He is so active that I have to keep my eyes on him, and off the keyboard. He's damaged 2 pairs of shoes and a Tampa Bay Rays baseball cap. He's had numerous other items iDn his mouth, including my car keys, that I have saved from harm. We just aren't accustomed to a puppy or a dog this big. He's worn this middle aged couple out!

All that said, he is absolutely a doll. Sweet, affectionate, comical, loving, and very active.  He's even convinced our old guy Eddie to play. Diamond is another story - their interactions usually result in the giant puppy trying to hide from her either in my lap or between me and the chair I am occupying.

He went on the Ratbone Website recently and already has an application in !
From his bio on the webpage you can access his image event page as well.

Neighborhood Muscovy

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