Saturday, July 6, 2019

Repotting Day

My poor orchids have been without devoted care for about 9 years. I'm determined to rejuvenate those that remain from the original 75 that overwhelmed me. Today was a day of repotting and trimming. It's only about 1pm so there could even be more. Just wanted to document a few so that in a few months I can post again and see the comparison.

Encyclia Cochleata

 One Bulbophyllum is now repotted as two

Dendrobium piece now mounted on driftwood

New Angraesum Sesquipe was repotted and I realized it's not that healthy. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

New Mexico October 2018

Last fall we flew to El Paso where Jerry's cousin Cheryl and her husband Tom picked us up for a visit at their house in Las Cruces. While staying with them we took day trips to Puerto Palomas Mexico, White Sands National Monument, Alamogordo, Ruidoso, and Cloudcroft. No captions, just photos.

OK, one caption. This was where I went to 5th grade when I lived in Alamogordo as a child.

Muscovey are NOT the only bird in town

Duck drama is not exclusive to Muscovy. This female mallard had a partner but he was hit by a car on the busy road. He looks OK (not run over) so passerby's caught him (not an easy task) and took him to an animal rehab. The vet there said his internal injuries were to great and the best thing was euthanasia. She hung around the same pond for a while (typically they moved around a bit) and I felt sad for her all alone. While they don't mate for life, they are monogamous so she was possibly waiting for her mate to return to the same spot. Now there's a new male with her and he's young. Maybe she's a cougar and not a duck?!?!??

OK, so there is Muscovy news too. Learned that this couple, and another female, were visiting Brokewing. The two couples swam together in Brokewing's pool and both couples had copulation. But sadly, Brokewing's female was killed on the busy road (Muscovy do a lot of walking instead of flying). Everyday the male would come back to Brokewing's pool, then a couple hours later the female would join in. But, one day things changed and the female came first. Brokewing and her took this opportunity for some hanky panky but the male caught them! There was a fight and Brokewing's eye was injured. The "owner" thought he might lose it but with veterinary and TLC, his eye was saved. You don't mess with another duck's woman. 

The White Ibis is nothing new to our neighborhood. Sometimes it seems like there are a 100 of them. But the heron in the top of the photo is somewhat new. I am thinking he is an immature Little Blue Heron in molting plumage. Can't get close enough for good photo - he's very skittish - and that's the way he should be! 

Muscovy are Back!

And with it comes another round of duck drama. I thought we were to be without that this year since it didn't start in February but it's here! First, is a photo of Brokewing. You can look at last spring's post about him but basically he had angel wing and could not fly. neighbor took him in and he's been living a semi wild/semi domesticated life since. He's very handsome and healthy because he gets food, shelter, and veterinary care. There are other Muscovy who fly in to hang out with him (including mating with females) so he still has his wild wide.

Well, yesterday a female with 8 ducklings showed up in the front pond (there are two in my neighborhood with one being by the busy road and the other being across from my house). Shortly after a neighbor boy brought a 9th duckling to the pond. Apparently she had them behind their house and the 9th was too young and weak to follow mom and siblings. These ducklings are very young.

I hear she was upper excited when the boy brought her 9th baby!

The drama restarted yesterday when a strange male showed up and grabbed one of the baby ducks. Brokewing's owner chased him till he let go and the duckling ran back to it's mama. Now today, I think they are in the pond near me. Or, there's a second mama and babies. Brokewing's daddy has been adding well water to the front pond and it turns out it drains down into ours so now the ducks have moved down here. The front pond is more shaded but by the road.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Cousin Reunion for Hubby!

My hubby Jerry has met so many of my cousins (I have 38 first cousins and have no idea how many extended cousins) and he only has 3. Last summer we traveled to Pennsylvania & New Jersey to meet up with them. Here's a photo from July 2018 and one from Dec 1956 with the same folks.

Standing is Jerry's cousin Marty (L) and Jerry (R). Seated are Maureen (L) and Cheryl (R)

If I had known about the old photo first, I would have seated them the same way. Instead Marty & Chery are standing (they are brother and isster) and Maureen and Jerry are sharing the sofa. More important, if I had known about the old photo, I probably would have lost a battle to have Jerry wear a black tie, Marty a striped shirt, Maureen to hold a doll, and Cheryl to hold her knee in that same position, lol!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Cora, Cora Leigh, Coral, Coral Lee, Chanel

I'm such a slacker at blogging these days that I missed holidays, vacations and a foster dog! Hopefully I will catch up but, for now, meet a foster I had from about last July until two weeks ago. She came with the name Cora, which no one liked for her, and we were calling her Coral Leigh before shortening to Coral. Then the Lee sort of came back (I personally think dogs respond best to names ending with the eee sound). But her new mama calls her Chanel! Sorry, photos out of chronological order.

She came to us from Miami although she was a Georgia dog at one time having been adopted and returned twice. Anyway, the Miami folks said she has a heart on her side. Everyone here, in central Florida, say she has a Minnie or Mickey mouse on her!

She was such a mess when we first got her. Very untrusting, food aggressive, etc. We worked hard on her and helped with many of her issues but she will probably always be a resource guarder.

Sharing space with Eddie although he had no appreciation for her young dog energy.

So cute when she's passed out. Not as energetic as Bolt but still a young un.

Waiting for Santa

Close up of the Mickey or Minnie

Neighborhood watch with Loni

Leaving in the car for Oklahoma

Her new family came from Oklahoma to pick her up

Helping Jerry read. She was very sweet

In her earlier days when she was still hesitant for us to touch her