Sunday, December 7, 2014

Annual Christmas Photo Fail

I gave it a good try and these are the best of the best. The dogs were not very cooperative. Luckily, Pet Food Warehouse did photos with Santa on Saturday so I expect we will get a frame worthy photo afterall.

Diamond's eyes are firmly planted on the treat in my hand.

Eddie has to be photoed last because he typically tears up the photo shoot setups.

Not a happy camper. Poor Lani doesn't jnow the sit or down commands so it was very difficult and she thought I was being mean.

A little banner of the best 3 head shots.

And now, the annual collage of tree and dogs. Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

More Neon, This Time 34th Street

Well, I made it up and down 34th street late this afternoon and got a few more photos of old neon signs. There used to be a couple more so I'm glad I got these wen I did.

This one is well maintained.

My favorite and the inspiration for these photos and posts.

In case you can't read it, it's Venice Motel

Neon Signs, 4th Street, St Petersburg

When we first moved to the St Petersburg area, I was fascinated with the vintage neon signs. These signs, with their exterior illumination of neon tubes, wouldn't have survived long in Alaska. I've always told myself to photo them some day because some have disappeared to progress since we've been here. Well, today was a start. I drove up and down 4th street north and took photos.

The Banyan Tree motel

China City restaurant

El Cap hamburger joint

The Kentucky Motel - can't help but think there may have been a painting in the center of this sign at one time.

The Landmark Motel

Not sure if this sign is vintage or if it is just well kept/preserved but it does have exterior neon.
 And finally, the most impressive Sunken Gardens sign. It's the largest one I know of and I love how the flowers awe outlined in neon. I've seen this one at dusk and it's impressive.

My next task is to photo more on 34th street. There's one there that I really like.

Office Tree

I did our office tree again this year with the help of my Manager. This photo was taken with office lights out.
My funny coworker Christina pretending to trim the tree.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tree Is Up - It's For The Birds!

 It's up and decorated with a bird theme. A few balls, snowflakes, a couple squirrels because they remind me of raiding bird feeders, birds, bird houses, bird nests, etc.
So fun to pull out my quilted bird tree skirt that I seldom use but love. 
 First time to use the frosty bird house tree topper. I found it at Cracker Barrel at a Christmas clearance a year or two ago. I have been planning this tree for a few years.
 The squirrel! Also a Cracker Barrel find.
 Tiny little birds nest with eggs. I have a beautiful big one but it didn't photo well.
I bought a couple felted bird houses and a few knitted birds from this collection at a Christmas clearance at Macy's or Dillard's a few years ago. It was a very Scandinavian looking collection. Scandinavian design just screams Christmas to me.

One of my favorite ornaments from a dear friend Tracie. It's a tiny bird feeder, about two inches high, and filled with millet. I've had it a long time which is amazing because it's so small it's almost been thrown out with the tree a couple times.
One of the few touristy souvenirs I have from Alaska but I love it and it's perfect for my bird tree. I've done a bird tree years ago, in Alaska, when we did live trees. I need so many more ornaments with the big artificial trees that I had to collect a few more to do it again.