Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sanibel For The New Year

After Christmas there was New Year's dinner at my moms. Then there was a weekend in Sanibel! Jerry & I and Hellen & Les left on Friday the 2nd and returned on Sunday the 4th. We stayed at the Seaside Inn again (see post from Mother's day 2014 for photos) and ate some nice meals, hung out on the beach, enjoyed the view, and relaxed. Got a couple photos. The surf was too rough for shelling.

Christmas 2014

Our advent - we forgot to light one of the candles on week#3 so week#4 we lit the last two.

Christmas dinner at mom's (above is Hellen hiding, Lea, and Sarah - below is Jerry, Lea, Sonya, Sarah, tommy, Don, Les, Hellen, Mom))

The dogs had a secret santa and we opened some gift early and some Christmas morning

Christmas morning shot of the annual Swarovski crystal snowflake that Jerry gives me every year. 2014 is particularly beautiful.

Random shot of Eddie with Uncle Les

And, for the final, yes I did give my hubby pooper scooper service for Christmas!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Still Catcing Up

So, my Aunt Hellen and her husband Les flew in from Oregon to spend the holidays with family. Yea! We picked them up at the airport, had a nice dinner, and then said goodbye because they drove up north a bit to spend time with aunt Mary & Uncle Larry.

When they returned on the weekend we all went to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse to celebrate both mom & Les's birthdays.


The next day I took Hellen & Les to temple.

The next weekend was my birthday and I choose Polish food, Yum yum. (had to borrow a photo online, mine did not turn out). We enjoyed all the items in this photo though (perogis, cabbage rolls, kielbasa).

The next day was my actual birthday and I had some tickets for the ballet (Moscow Ballet Nutcracker) and I invited Aunt Hellen to go with me. It was fabulous and quite different than the version Jerry and I saw last year.

Oh my! I skipped over Christmas Next time.


Still catching up with photos from my phone:

A local breakfast restaurant has this giant rooster and they sometimes dress him up for the holidays. This is his ugly Christmas sweater look.

Proof that it does sometimes get cold in central Florida - I am proof in my flannel night shirt, leggings, and socks.

I previously posted about my Christmas Eve dinner and shared a photo of the menu but what I didn't share was the invitations I had printed via VistaPrint and send to ny family members. The inside of the card had the details, of course, but it was the cover that got their attention. We had all the items on the cover (and more) except the fried catfish on the top right - I didn't fry anything. Add in cab dip, seafood lasagna, and orange roughy imperial and then you have it!

Alice Eating Cookies In Her Box

If you scroll back to a previous post titled "Free Art Friday" you can learn about a monthly event where Artist leave their work around town once a month for others to find. I wasn't aware of this and saw what I thought was a poster under a tree surrounded by trash. It was a windy day and it had apparently blown off the spot where the artist had left it and got a bit wrinkled and a little torn in the process. I followed the directions to let the artist know it was safe with me.

She felt bad that this happened to her art and happy that I rescued her and said she would bring me another that wasn't damaged. What she brought was a full reduction print to replace the artist proof! very kind and generous. I took Alice to Michael's to have her framed and she now proudly sits in our house.

The artist explained that a reduction print is where there is a "carving" for each color and as you ink/paint each layer you then cut away that part of the print and do it again with another. When you are finished there is nothing left. You can never make another print like the previous ones because the original work is destroyed in the process.