Sunday, March 8, 2015

Proof I Have Been Busy

When we first moved in our house in 2001, we made one of our bedrooms into an office and another into a guest room. The guest room was painted sky blue because it's previous job was nursery to a baby boy. I like the color blue but I do not like blue painted walls - go figure. We had so much to do in our new house and yard that I decorated around it instead of painting. My sewing area was a corner in the kitchen and half the pantry for storage.

I came to the realization that with my dad gone, we seldom use the guest room. Plus, we have storage issues in the kitchen and really need that pantry storage back. The big push was that we took a piece of furniture out of the dining room, an antique sideboard, and needed it to live in the kitchen so.....unused guest bedroom became sewing/craft room.

Jerry and I had a week off and cleaned out what had now become a junk room, painted, spent way too much time and money at Ikea, then 2 days assembling furniture, then a couple days filling the room back up. Here are the results:

With everything assembled

Early decorating

A nighttime shot - you can see my caddy under the work table.

The finished project (almost, the cubbies are filled now)

My fabric stash out of the kitchen pantry.

Quilts hung, accessories in place, Wii console attached.

Moved the antique machine into the room. Room is set up where it can easily be used for guest accommodations too.

Two out of three rat terriers agree it's a great room!

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