Saturday, July 1, 2017

Looking Around

Jerry and I spent yesterday north of our area - specifically, Inverness. Just a thought that perhaps we might enjoy an after-retirement home near the lakes in the area AND the property could be a weekend place until my retirement. Additionally, we might find a place to park an RV if we purchase one.

When you don't have children and grandchildren to consider, you truly can live anywhere and in any situation. This has made our house and lifestyle hunt very confusing. We really have too many choices. It's like going to eat in a restaurant with a huge and daunting menu. I'm not complaining, because I feel fortunate to have so many choices, but it can be overwhelming and confusing.

A realtor showed us a house on a lake (technically a canal but it's where the canal empties into the larger lake) which I loved. The view, the dock with screen porch, the deck, the screen porch attached to the house, fish cleaning station, wide lot for parking a motorhome, etc. However, it was a two story with bedrooms on top floor. The stairway was a homemade type and I would guess not up to current codes. I cannot see us maneuvering it well today much less as we grow older. Plus, it would be a nightmare with the dogs.

Next we looked around another lake. We found a small cottage which would be a great weekend house, the price was good, the inside of the house very clean. Lots going for it but it was definitely not a house that could become a permanent residence for the 3 of us - it's just too small.

So, the hunt and decisions continue.

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