Friday, December 28, 2007


I'm fifty today! I'm told it's nifty :)

I'm starting my "over the hill" birthday listening to my new iPod nano (thank you jerry) which is much more complicated than my simple old shuffle. Could it be because I'm 50 now? LOL. One thing is for certain, the new iPod has a screen so I pretty much need my reading glasses to work the thing! Right now it's winning the battle of technology but by this time next week, I'm sure I will have it down.

My plans for the big day are to go to lunch with my friend Christina and my cousin Erica. (I adore going to lunch with my female friends. Female luncheons are another thing I miss about living in Kodiak. Every Monday was Henry's and every Thursday was El Chicano.) This afternoon/evening Mom and I will do our traditional Friday night dinner but with a twist - we are going to an afternoon movie since I took the day off!
Tomorrow night is the offical family birthday celebration dinner. I picked a very nice steak restaurant in Dunedin called Spotto's. I usually prefer seafood but this place has amaizing food and, except for Christmas prime rib, I have been off meat and poultry for a couple weeks. Sometimes I have carnivour guilt. Well I guess it is time to start the day and water my orchids, paying special attention to my birthday orchids (thanks dad)!

Peace out. Vickie


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Vickie - since you left Kodiak El Chicanos is no longer an option and there are two new restaurants on the waterfront under the 'Hoser' bridge that are all the rage. The powerhouse serves really good Japanese food (black cod to die for) and the Chowderhouse serves batter dipped seafood etc (I really like the scallops). I bet I'd see you and Jenny at the Powerhouse checking out the sea lions in the channel. Patrick

Our litle family said...

They sound wonderful! My mother-in-law remains impressed with the selection of restaurants for the size of the town. I love casual seafood restaurants - became a fan of them while living in
Seattle. I believe I would be meeting Jenny at the Chowderhouse!

Julie said...

Hey...we were born only a few months apart in the same year...1956!!! My birthday is Oct. 18. Happy late 50th birthday! I have been exceedingly happy since turning 50...there is a lot of freedom with age...or are we just a tiny bit wiser and just don't give a care about much anymore! LOL.

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