Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's December 23rd already!

It's been a busy few days since last blog. Mom's birthday was the 19th and I ordered her flowers delivered at work after asking her specifically if she would be working on her birthday. At last minute she made a trip to Aunt Mary's (with Aunt Hellen) but I got a call from Sandy at her work thanking me for the flowers - she was covering mom's desk and enjoying them. It didn't dawn on me that meant someone read the card;) Next time I will sign with something risque! Thursday night was spent getting all those orchids back outside and watered. They should be much happier now.

Friday was shopping due to 11th hour notice from Ratbone Rescues that they needed a secret Santa to a little female that just came into rescue. Eventually I got the word Aunt Hellen's husband Les has landed (flew in fro Seattle) and Friday night dinner was on. Of course that meant a late night of packag wrapping. I mailed my packages yesterday (Saturday) - I don't recommend that. Last night we all (me, hubby, MIL) went to mom's for her birthday dinner. She chose to order in pizza instead of going out.

Mom, Hellen, Les, and my friend Christina are coming over this evening and we are going to cruise the streets looking at Christmas lights. People go all out here and I haven't been in a couple years. I guess it is popular because the weather is good for putting them and taking them down. We just do the traditional icicle lights off the eaves, wreaths on the doors, and a small display at outside entry to a snowman, alpine christmas tree, and poinsettia - all in the deep burgundy and hunter green colors.

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