Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Second Birthday

Dinner last night was great. My cousin Erica, my mom, MIL, & Hubby all went to a terrific steak house and had a good time. Got some good photos of everyone except me. The one I am posting is a great one of Erica and Mom.

Erica told us funny stories about her two year old Sarah. They came over for a couple hours on my birthday and Sarah discovered my electric piano. I ended up finding and cleaning up my old Casio keyboard buried in the garage since I got the electric piano a couple Christmases ago and I gave it to Sarah. It's not quite a full-sized keyboard but it certainly more inclusive than the children's versions. Anyway, I played chopsticks for Sarah and I guess that word was not familiar to her so when she wanted to hear it again she asked her mom to play "bread sticks". How funny is that!

Spent much of yesterday and today working on a genealogy project. In 1994 I was in Arkansas and my mom helped me to inventory the Manning #1 Cemetery in Lawrence County. Now I am working on a project to find out exactly how all the occupants in the cemetery are related to each other. I have documented the relationship of about 80 so that's a huge start. Next time I go to that part of Arkansas I will have to take good headstone photos and submit them to another great project going on and that is the documentation of gravestone information before it is gone forever. Checkout the website at if you are interested.


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