Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

Saturday was a perfect Florida day, weather wise. Makes it hard to stick to plans, especially those involving indoor activities. My plans for the day today were to get up early to work on class, water orchids, go to Mardi Paws in Dunedin with a friend, finish team contribution for class and post it, then take mother in law to dinner since Jerry was working late due to inventory. (I am posting a photo of the entrance to the base where Jerry works). We took this for a Power Point presentation he had to do last year.

What really happened was: got up late because sick last night so didn't get to sleep until after 4:40am, showed up at right place for Mardi Paws but on wrong week, went to lunch with Mom, Cousins Erica and her daughter Sarah, got cancelled on dinner by MIL, had to run errand for hubby who was at work from 8am - 10:30pm, got a manicure because the white part of finger nails was about 3/4" long (on all but one broken thumb nail), shopped for some cool fabrics and trims to make Mardi Paws costume since I now have a week (we'll see if that project happens :), listed to 2 1/2 radio program on NPR (love the radio! - heard 2nd half of Prarie Home Companion, all of This American Life which is one of my favs, and all of Piano Jazz - Marion sounded grumpy or maybe it was just me). Drat! Forgot to water orchids.

The lunch restaurant was nice but not very child friendly (no milk or lemonade). In fact, no child menu but they did have grilled cheese sanwhich - on fricassia bread with melted cheddar, bacon, and grilled apples inside! Two year old Sarah's "grilled cheese sandwich" was way better than my vegtable fritatta and Erica's lobster/crab bisque! Interestingly, the kitchen is wide open. I mean like a kitchen in a home where you see everything.

There was a dance floor inside (we sat outside where we could pet the pups at this pet friendly restaurant, plus it was a BEAUTIFUL day) and they play smooth jazz over the stereo system. Took Sarah in for pee pee and she discovered the dance floor and just danced away. Apparently that is her thing at "school" as well. It was so cute because she wanted to pay for the lunch so she got a quarter out of Erica's purse so I prompted the cook (remember the kitchen is open) to take the "payment" from her. He was very obliging.


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