Saturday, February 23, 2008


Went to Friday's "girls night out" last night with mom and Aunt Hellen. We couldn't reach Erica. We had a nice dinner at Red Lobster. The restaurant seemed really full with people waiting but we had barely found a place to sit and wait before they called us. Hellen is still looking for a place to retire (New mexico isn't working) and has added Florida to the list of potiental places. Tha would be awesome.

Still continuing to give chloe medication for a kidney or bladder infection. It smells like bananas and i suspect it is sweet because it is sticky. Have no idea if the dog has any appreciation for hte banana flavoring/scent.

Treated myself to a manicure & pedicure this morning. Mom's Christmas present may have started something ;) It was still a little hard to stand someone else messing with my feet but it was better than 2 weeks ago. It was beautiful until chloe was a bad girl and I had to grab her. Her fur stuck to my freshly painted nails.

I am liking my class! It's eBusiness and very interesting. Plus, my team mates seems to be folks who will contribute. Possibly the best part is that it is the next to last class!

No Marge tonight. Arthritis in knee is hurting her and meds make her sick. We will do some grocery shopping for her. With the rain outside i kinda thought she might cancel. Let's see if Mom and Hellen go or if Jerry and I will be left alone :)

Just playing on the computer and listening to the opera Carmen on NPR. Posting a photo of another sweet little dog that needs a home, poor thing.


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