Sunday, May 25, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

I'm starting with updates from last week's Garden Blog where I photoed orchid bloom spikes. As you will see, some are all-out blooms now and some are still working on it :) Be sure to scroll all the way through to see photos of new plants that were not part of the bloom progression series. Oh, and you can click on the images to enlarge, of course.

Encyclia tampensis - the 13 spikes now have swollen buds. Maybe another week?

It was another white phal! I mixed 4 or 5 plants into two baskets and it appears both phal basket have a part of this one white phal with the pink center. So the two pink/purples and the three whites have bloomed. That leaves a light yellow with pink veins that I have yet to see since repotting about this time last year.

Notylia barkeri

I believe they call this type of dendrobian a nobel because it blooms right on the cane after the leaves fall off. Notice the buds are getting bigger and there are sure lots more of them. Stay tuned for the actual bloom - it's unusual.

The hot pink is just starting to show. I may have to photo mid-week to catch it in it's glory.

The Psychopsis is slow but dependable. It's been reblooming on that same spike for two years now, I believe.

The glorious Cattleya. I used flash so photo looks hot pink when actually it is a dark purple.

This was open last week and since it is still showing off, thought I would include it. This Dendrobian looks pink in photo but actually is a maroonish brown.

And look what i found today that I missed last week! The above photo is a close of this Cat, which has two blooms on one spike, and the photo below you can see two more buds on another spike. This fellow was hidden away on the back of my dendrobian stand and almost went unnoticed in the sea of green leaves and grey canes.

Finally, two photos of my garden gate. I have two competing vines because Conan the landscaper destroyed the bleeding heart so i replanted with a red passion flower. Then hubby destroyed that while removing foliage to power wash north side of house. Now they are both back and competing to be the garden gate vine. I am trying to train the passion flower to cross over on a chicken wire arch i rigged up because the bleeding heart doesn't run as far as the passion and certainly doesn't cling as well.


Deb H said...

Your flowers are amazing! Wow, quite a climate change, from Alaska to Florida!

My husband's aunt moved in with us for the last few years of her life. She had lived in a condo in St. Pete for 50 years. She was always cold here, poor thing. She passsed away last Nov. at 94.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you ever come back to AK, give me a jingle!

Wicked Gardener said...

Gotta keep the boys out of the passion vine! It has very unusual coloring - you'll have to do a close up!

Julie said...

Beautiful orchids, Vickie! I don't know how you do everything you do. You are a mover and a shaker!!!

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