Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still No Camera But I Have Ratbone Photos!

I took a little time off from Ratbone during graduation and my Dad's visit (he is still in Florida but visiting my Aunt this week) so I missed a week or so of posting the new dogs. Sorry to those who enjoy the photos:( Remember, if you are interested in seeing more go to Ratbone Rescues web site...or Petfinder.com...or 1-800 Save-A-Pet!

Lolita in Washington

Mohawk in Washington

Button in Florida


Mali in Florida

Molly Too in Wisconsin

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Julie said...

Hey...I left you a comment on my blog about Arcadia! That is so cool you were right there as well! You know the guy who owns the little store on the east end of the street on the south side, that is called Antiques and Books...anyway it is owned by a guy named Dan. He has a second store ..a book store... out on North Brevard Avenue, in an old house...called Crackerhouse Books. He was at the antique shop at closing time that day, and his book store was closed, but he told me he has about 3 old books on succulents at the book store...so now I have to go back in a few months to have a look...I hope I can get my nerve up to drive 2.5 hours to get there! LOL.

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