Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dotee Doll

My blogger friend Julie posted her first Dotee doll and invited other crafty friends to make one as well. I found a tutorial, and some great examples, at this blog so I couldn't help but try my hand at making one. This is my very first doll and I am naming her Miss Vickie because we have a lot in common :)

As you can see by this full frontal photo, both Miss Vickie and I have a little "junk in the trunk". She adores dragonflies and so do I! Her dress is made from a small dragonfly print and there is a dragonfly bead hanging from the bottom of the doll.

Here's her close up. In case anyone is wondering about the hair - I call it dryer lint hair. Basically I am a quilter and "we" wash fabrics before we use them so there is always this balled up mess of threads on the cut edges of fabric when you take them out of the dryer, They just look so artful that I have been saving them (hubby has suggested throwing them away several times) knowing that someday they would be useful. Today the dryer debris became doll hair.

I've had this dragon fly bead for many years and never found a use for it until tonight. I also had a packet of those dark purple beads which were perfect for the project.
Love the angeled shot! Makes her look so artsy and less crafty. LOL

Finally, you can see I embellished with buttons. I was determined to make her from supplies I had on hand and I was successful due to the number of abandoned craft projects I have supplies for:) I've already cut out fabric for a few more dolls so I will have to make a trip to a craft supply store for beads - I was thinking one of those kid bead kits would be cool because it comes in a container with a variety of beads.


Julie said...

OH MY cute is this Miss Vickie doll??? that is what I call artsy!!! She is HOT! Love the dragonfly print, and the beading is exquisite! How long did it take you to make her? I think about 2 hours for me, but mine was so kooky, and even tho I felt better after adding the embellishments, it is still very dorky! LOL. I want to try and make the Christmas tree idea happen here!!! Maybe a small tree for my Mom would be cool.

Julie said...

You are a "project" girl if I ever saw it!!!

Dot said...

Hi there Vickie!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and your lovely comment.

Your Dotee doll is gorgeous! You have done a lovely job.

Am sure you will make many more too :)

Aiyana said...

Hi Vicki,
I had to check out your Dotee Doll after reading about it at Julie's blog. It is really cute. Sorta looks like me, with the "junk in the trunk" as you put it.

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