Friday, July 4, 2008

I Have A New Camera.....And It's PINK!

Hot Pink actually. I LOVE it. It zooms in and out easily so I had no blurry photos today while I practiced with garden shots (will post those tomorrow). The flash comes on automatically too. Plus, it has the stablization feature for those of us with shaky hands. I could go on and on but I will stop by saying it is very thin and light because it doesn't use batteries.

Besides reading, this is what I did with some of my "spare" time without my camera and blogging. (Actually Dad was here much of down time)

This is last photo from old camera and I saw trying to see if I could save it. It still takes photos but you can't see the window to see photos or to erase the memory card.

First photo today was of Eddie sitting on the ottomon with my feet as I read the instructions. This photo taken while the camera was charging. The flast went on and off automatically as needed :)

If I figure out how, I am going to do a survey of this lamp. I bought a pair of these. They are art glass and my husband thinks they are the ugliest lamps he has ever seen. I think they are quite artistic, bold, and different. The few people who have been inmy house and seen them either love them or hate them. I think with some new paint on the wall they won't seem so bold. They are great because the bases have a nightlight in them and they can "glow" when you turn them on. It's been about a year and hub still isn't crazy about them but I spent way too much on them to get rid of them. I could probably get glass paint but I want to get other people's opinions first - especially creative people who are not afraid of a little color, LOL. ***UPDATE** The survey is up and running. Please vote!


Julie said... is my thought about the lamps! I studied it for a few moments and realized that I too, really love the bases. The problem, as I see it, is that the shades need to match the bases in a colorful and artistic way, to make them POP! I am thinking of WHAT would be comparable (something that has a top and bottom) you could compare to get ideas. I agree the wall color may make a difference, but I am picturing them with red shades that flair out at the bottom...maybe with some black or navy hanging bead trim around bottom of shade! What do you think of this crazy idea??? I like it. Actually you could pull any color from the art glass to use for the shade. That was fun!!!

Julie said...

P.S. Your new camera is ultra delicious!!!

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