Monday, July 14, 2008

"Made It Myself" Monday

Below are 7 purple and beige blocks I made for a Row Robin. For those unfamiliar with a Robin, you make a block, pass to another person in the Robin who adds to your blocks and passes it on to the next person in the Robin. Usually you end up with what is referred to as a medallion quilt due to most people working around your center block. With a Row Robin each person in the Robin adds a row of blocks (in this case 12" blocks) to your origional row. This was supposed to be an exchange via the internet a couple years ago but it fell apart when one or two people did not follow though. I worked ahead and made this group of blocks but never had an opportunity to send them. I'm considering making a seperate wall hanging from each block and giving them to 7 people (not telling who) at Christmas time. Oh, the patterns are FREE from the Quilter's Cache which is a wondergul site for block patterns although I have to turn downthe music ;)

1. Paper Stars

2. Shooting Star

3. South Carolina Star

4. Victoria's Star

5. Boxes and Bows

6. Florida Star

7. Old Snowflake

#1 This block is called Paper Stars. If you go to the Quilter's Cache web site you can see it on this page . It is 4 paper pieced sections. Visitng the pattern page will show you how it would look with many block connected.
#2 This is Shooting Star 2 (there must be a #1 somewhere, LOL). Very traditional pattern. Click here to go to the pattern page.
#3 South Carolina Star is the name of this one. If I recall it is a bit more complicated but none are too hard because I managed to do them! Click here if you want to see this pattern.
#4 Love some of the fabrics in this Victoria's Star - the blueberries and the cats. I believe one would need at least 4 of these blocks to really appreciate the pattern. Peek here to see what it would look like.
#5 I used quite different shade sof purple on this Boxes and Bows. It's sort of the odd sheep in the group although in person it is quite beautiful. Here's the pattern.
#6 Florida Star. Here's the pattern. I adore the pansy fabric in it.
#7 This is Old Snowflake made with funny shoe fabric. The pattern is here.


Julie said...

I am tempted to say I like the Florida star best, but my fav of these is the South Carolina!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

I hear ya! Should like the FL, LOL Vickie

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