Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dotee #4 - Halloween Swap

I was finally approved for the Swap-bot.com Halloween dotee doll swap. Seems when you are new they want a lot of information to determine that you will follow through. I understand - I've been in a couple round/row robins in quilting and never got my stuff back :(

September 1st is the sign up deadline, then swap partners are assigned, and the dolls must be mailed by October 1st. Since it's my first you can see I did it WAY in advance. I can be a procrastinator because I have to be "in the mood".

My dotees aren't as traditional as others so I hope mine isn't a disappointment. I did embroder the face this time but I added scrapbook items instead of beading.

The swap requires a traditional tail and I did that with the Halloween theme in mind!

A tired me still getting calls of concern. My mom wants me to call her today but Seattle is 3 hours away so I am waiting....waiting...waiting. Oh, I think the banging noise that kept us up all night is a neighbor's screen door but I am not sure. It continues this mroning but the rats have either become desensitized or it's not as scary in the daylight.

Here's Miss Daisey Mae - my creature of habit. She looks concerned because everything is so different. Momma didn't go to work, the windows are covered, there are big totes in the living room, and the house is clean and full of food! It's an alternate universe for her, LOL.


cindee said...

Miss Daisy does have that "look" LOL When are we leaving mom???? Oh don't forget the food and my blankie(-: Does she like blankets? Jack sure does. He has so many I have to go through them and get rid of some. He has to have his own blankies. When my granddog comes to stay the night he lays on Jacks blankies and Jack does not like it. So we have to wash them all when Gus leaves. LOL No Jack is not a spoiled brat...(-: He hates baths and he hates his t shirts(-: I like his t shirts though so he puts up with me at times. He prefers to be a little dust bowl. Hows the weather? I hope you will not have to evacuate.

cindee said...

OMGosh I forgot to comment on the Dotee...lol That is cute and it will be the perfect swap for Halloween!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

Thanks Cindee. I am looking forward to seeing photos of Jack on your blog. I have added you to my list so that I do not lose you. Perhaps Jack would like to visit rat-terrier.com sometimes. It's a great place to show off your rattie photos! Vickie

Julie said...

Hey Vickie---are you ok over there? All is well on this side. Your Daisy is just so cute...I want her!!! :)
Your Dotee Doll is so great!!! You are a mover and a shaker in the project world! I have made a Dotee and seems I have no more urge to make more...but I could possibly be inspired by your Halloween one!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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