Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday Evening Walkie

I couldn't sleep this morning, got up before 6am, and watched the movie "Cool Runnings" again. I forgot just how much I like that film! What a great way to start the day. If you haven't seen it , you should. I view it is an inspiraitonal film. And, with the Olympics in progress, it is very timely (although the wrong season, LOL).
Just say the word "walkie" and you have the complete attention of my two rat terriers! Yesterday evening, as we were waiting for Jerry to come home, I went against my Podiastrist's advice and took the ratties for a walk around the neighborhood.
Eddie looked so sad and bored in the house and I know he LOVES to walk. Both of us have gained a couple extra pounds since our walks stopped due to foot problems.
Here's Miss Daisey looking around enjoying a change of scenery while we walked. I have to say it was a challange holding on to two leashes, two poop bags (one used, one ready) and a digital camera. I left the cell phone and house keys behind on this walk.
Jerry got home just as we were finishing up. They were so excited they were sprinting to the car and leaping in the air - I could barely get a shot with them in the frame because they were so excited.

Jerry and I then went to Momma Fu's for Mongolian Beef and brown rice. Yummy!


Julie said...

I LOVE DAISY!!!!! Love that top cute!

Scott Watkins said...

Very cool. I have 3 ratties and yes they do love walks and get excited when they see someone they care about.

Hope your feet get better.

My LIttle Family: said...

Scott I cannot get to your blog to see your ratties :(

cindee said...

LOL they do know the word walk thats for sure!!! Jack jumps up and down and can't control his excitement when I say do you want to go for a walk. He about has a heart When my husband gets home from work he about knocks him and you know how big they husband is 6'4" LOL He smiles and hugs his leg. Its so cute(-: I could go on and on but you know how they are(-: Just the sweetest loveable pets on earth(-:

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