Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Sunday Garden Cuz of Gustav

No outdoor activities today, We are getting high winds and rain from the outer bands of Gustav. Mom and I went to Target and then to the movies but we weren't interested in anything playing so we went to lunch at Arby's and then ordered a movie on demand through Brighthouse. We watch Juno - witty film. We both enjoyed it. Jerr had to work.

While we were watching the movie I baked some cupcakes for little Sarah's 3rd birthday - red velvet. Her birthday has passed but she was away so they were to come over today but now they will come tomorrow morning. I will be so glad to get rid of that Barbie guitar because it goes off randomly and scares the heck out of me and the dogs :)

At the pet boutique where I got the tough toy from yesterday's post, I also found a marked down christmas dress for Miss Daisey. She looks so cute in it but you will have to wait until December 1 to see her! There is even a matching leash.
Target has really nice pet halloween costumes for only $9.99 but better hurry - this information is quickly passing around the social networking groups I belong to. They will be sold out in no time. These are nice quality, full body costumes. Perhaps a little heavy/warm for Florida but I will only be taking them for a spin around the block probably. I got Daisey a bumblebee and Eddie a rooster costume. His rooster photo didn't show well because it's mostly white. Will have to photo with him it to get the full effect.

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Anonymous said...

Those costumes are too cute :) My husband and I were talking about what we going to dress the dogs up as for Halloween. Oscar is going to be Dracula (big white shiny teeth) and Mossy is going to be a Policeman-dog. Unless I can't find a hat for him then we'll think of something else ;)

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