Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Shopping

Well enough about politics and on to something important - dog toys! At least in this house they are important. I decided to shell out the extra $$$ and try this line of dog toys.

I want to know that my dogs aren't going to end up swollowing toy parts and right now my only defense is to watch them. These toys are supposed to be extra durable. I took a photo of the thing so that I can compare it in a couple weeks after two rat terriers have had their way with it.

If it does turn out to be as good as they advertise, then I guess I could actually save money by not having to replace their toys as often ;)


Julie said...

Interesting you bought dog toys today...and so did I! I got the puppy sized Kong Wubba, in pink...for Dooze. She loves it. Her forst one was made of the soft fluffy material, but this one is made of a tough, durable fiber...she seems to like it just as that is great! It is a job to find durable dog toys that they actually like! BTW...thanks for the name of Puppia for the harness...I must go buy one cause I don't see them around here!

My LIttle Family: said...

Julie, puppia is sold at those doggie boutiques and online. I really don't see them at chain stores. Eddie will play with any toy but Daisey is a bit choosier and she loves her Wubba. The first one I bought was the durable one in blue for Eddie and she claimed it. Then I purchased a pink fluffy one for her and she ignored it and it became Eddie's. Go figure!

marmee said...

i have seen these in orvis(a magazine with dog stuff). i never ordered any coz of the price so you will have to tell whether they hold up or not. i have two chesapeakes bay retrievers and a mutt. but the chessies are hard on their toys.

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