Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Way Back Wednesday - Hull Pottery

Thought you might be a little tired of seeing old photos of me and my family so I decided to do Way Back Wednesday with a twist. Today I've posted photos of my Hull Pottery collection. This pottery is all older than me - that's why I believe it fits into Way Back Wednesday!

The candle holders in the photo above were the first pieces of Hull that I purchased. I was in downtown Puyallup, Washington when I saw them in the window of an antique store and recognized them as matching the one piece of Hull that I owned (more on that shortly).

The cornucopias in the back are the Open Rose, or Camillia, pattern made in the mid 1940's and a gift from my soon-to-be-husband at the time :) The small vase on the front right is the piece that started it all. When my Grandmother Krohn died this was in her belongings and I got it as a remembrance of her. I had no idea what it was other than a small vase. Later, I was at a friend's sister's house and saw she had a similar piece. That is how I learned it was Hull Pottery.

The piece in the back is Wildflower and produced during the 40's. More Open Rose in foreground.

The small piece on the left is Magnolia and manufactured during the mid 40's. The piece to the right is the pattern known as Water Lily and produced in the late 1940's. I don't see much Water Lily around.

Open Rose and Magnolia

Magnolia and Wild Flower. Isn't that teapot fabulous! I feel lucky to have it.

More of the same patterns but in a different colorway.

In the photo above you get a sneak peek at the pattern Woodland, made in 1949, with the little piece in the back left. The photo below has a Woodland piece you can really see. The piece on the right front is Orchid. I believe it is my oldest piece having been made in 1938. The piece in the very front is another from my husband who gave it to me for anniversary because it looks like a heart.

Notice the tag on the console (piece in front)? It's considered more collectible witht he tag or even a partial tag.

Well that's my collection. I won't bore you with all the wheres and whos they are from. I haven't purchased any Hull in many, many year but occassionally get one as a gift. My collection has caused at least 3 other people close to me to learn to identify Hull when displayed in a shop, LOL. Someday I will have a craftsman bungalow where I can display them :)


Julie said...

What a fabulous collection! I am really surprised at how many peices you have! They are really beautiful. I can't name a favorite...but I like the bowl shape (the last pic...bowl with tag)...just because I would float something in it...but probably wouldn't in something this perfect and special. It is just so gorgeous to look at in a collection! Very, very nice!!!

cindee said...

Wow what a nice collection. (-: Thanks for sharing(-:

tina said...

Your Hull pottery is some of the prettiest Hull I have ever seen. I just love the pastel colors. It is nice to have the history and I am sure it is worth quite a bit of money too.

I love your profile. 'Evil chihuahua'-I have one too. You describe them all aptly. Though my sister has three miniature ones she swears are saints. Who knows? Thanks for dropping by to say hi. You have a lovely blog.

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