Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Gas Line

I should have taken a photo but I didn't think of it at he time. My mm and I went to Panera Bread for dinner and then to Costco to get gasoline. While we were eating Jerry called from Costco where he was getting gas and said that he was in a long line and told me about his customers saying that the buzz is we will be without gas shipments due to hurricane Ike.

Sure enough, it was awful. The person in line in front of us (my mom's intention was to get gas in her van tonight, nothing to do ewith Ike) couldn't get much in her car but she had gas cans that she filled. If everyone respond with the paniced buying of gasoline then we are sure to run out. Dah....

1 comment:

Julie said...

It doesn't seem to be happening here, YET, Vickie! Now I am getting nervous!

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