Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gumby & Pokey

I came across these toys one day while waiting for a table at Cracker Barrell restaurant. Just as the merchandisers intended, they took me back to childhood and I just HAD to purchase them for my desk at work. Really, I was "owed" them in a sense. Here's the story.....

When I was a young girl I wasn't terribly fond of regular plastic dolls. I preferred products like Raggedy Ann (my fav), Gumby & Pokey, and those trolls with the long hair. This is partially because, and I haven't shared this story with many people, is that a neighbor girl told me (when I was 4 or 5) that when you die they put you into a liquid that shrinks you and that's where dolls come from - shrunken deceased people. I remember putting dolls away in the closet at night because she had me thinking they could wake up. How's that for trauma! I ended up giving her a doll of mine that she really liked and that was probably the motivation for her story.

I did trust Barbie, sorta, because we all know she's not to scale with a real human body, LOL. Actually, I didn't get a Barbie for a while later and I wasn't as freaked out by then. But on to Gumby & Pokey. One Christmas while we were living in New Orleans I got G&P as a gift and was very fond of them. So fond, in fact, that when we went on a camping trip to Pensecola Florida I took them with me. I don't recall who all went on the trip but I do remember two things - the tent leaked and it rained and there was a nasty boy in our group who torchured me. He figured out I was fond of my G&P and he threw them in the campfire! Some adult helped me to fish them out but Pokey was a total loss. Gumby, being bigger, was charred but still maintained some green and shape. Unfortunetly he was soft and we set him down because he was hot and dirty, and when I picked him up his feet stuck and as I pulled it created these long, wierd, pointed feet - not that Gumby's feet aren't wierd already. Anyway, it ruined the toy for play because he couldn't stand and he made your hands dirty.

I guess my relationship with Gumy & Pokey did not achieve the natural closure a child has with her toys and perhaps that is why they still capture my attention when I see them. One time I even had a miniature set of them that I put on my Christmas tree! In doing this post I Googled G&P to ensure that I am spelling it correctly and discovered a Gumbyworld website and Gumby the movie! I am going to go check it out when I finish publishing this post. And for those of you who also have a pair of these bendables buddies, keep away from fire!


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hi, I didn't care for 'traditional' girl dolls and had a Gumby & Pokey too. That sure brings back memories.
We have 2 humans and 3 dogs too but no cat. :o)
Nice blog. I had fun visiting!
Have a wonderful week!
Sparky ♥ ∞ (Patterson, GA)

Julie said...

Oh what a mean boy! I can feel how that must have felt when that happened. I have a love for the two as well. Matter of fact, I saw a GIANT Gumby at an antique store a few weekends ago! I thought hard about getting it for my grandson, and then figured he would never have as much fun with it, because he is not a current character today! So Gumby stayed on the shelf! Sadly.

Julie said...

Oh...this would be fun! Lets write letters to the childrens programming channels and request a new Gumby series!!! That would be awesome!!! Something for us grown-ups!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hi, In answer to your question about researching biological or adopted family: I researched both just for the halibut. [lol] But I am closer to my biological because my adopted didn't want me so I wrote them off as a total loss.
Thanks for signing my blog! And thanks for helping others search their families. It is a worthwhile 'cause' in my book.
Sparky ♥ ∞

tina said...

I remember these stretchy things. How nostalgic. And for your desk? I bet all you co-workers come and play with them.

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