Sunday, October 12, 2008

Branson Continued

We had a full afternoon and evening here in Branson. Us cousins went shopping at the outlet mall and Dad and Jerr went to the new Bass Pro Shop here in Branson. Then we all went to diner at my Dad's favorite restaurant, Golden Corral, then we all had a nice chat session (and Diane gave me a foot massage on my swollen foot - she is a massage therapist) before finding cocktails and spending time in the Jacuzzi. The evening ended with us watching the opening to Saturday night hoping to see another Palin skit with Tina Faye.

Today we are going to return to the shopping center and Dad & Jerr are going to the BIG Bass Pro Shop in Springfield. We are going to a tepenyaki dinner around 5 so that we can catch a 7:30 show tonight. Sorry, no way to download my photos.

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