Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Final Post Tonight, I Promise

Last year Jerry brought home those fancy party collars for Halloween from his store. I've seen really expensive versions in pet boutiques for all occassions but frankly I believe these guys would be annoyed by all the stuff and fluff on those. These weren't too bulky. I bet they would prefer these over Halloween costumes!

Ed responding to the "down" command for an oatmeal treat.

This photo started out as Ed & Daisey then when I put Chloe up on the chaise Eddie jumped down. I took Chloe away and then Daisey jumped down as Ed jumped back up. It was a nightmare trying to get a group shot and I had to settle for the ratties - even though they are not sitting next to each other. I guess I could photoshop in the chihuahua, LOL.

Chloe kept getting in her bed and I kept dragging her out. she wanted nothing to do with the photoshoot.

Daisey's cute little underbite!

This pose is a volunteer pose they assumed when I turned y camera off. I grabbed it really quickly but Daisey had already stood up and was contemplating jumping down about 3 seconds later.

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Julie said...

Oh...they all look so sweet! I bet they would like those MUCH better than costumes!!! Chloe is such a cutie pie! Maybe reacting to the cooler weather? Wanting to be in her snuggly bed. I wonder if all Chi's hate the camera???

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