Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Rock, Arkansas

We just had a FABULOUS dinner at the Whole Hog Cafe in Little Rock. Truly the best BBQ I've ever had but let me tell you about the flight today....

We were getting ready to leave Tampa for Memphis when they let two people on really late. Since they were seated in front of me I could tell by the sound, demeanor, and scent that they had been drinking heavily. They were cussing and making a fuss when they set down - apparently they were in the bar and they didn't hear when the airline was paging them.
They were only on the plane a couple minutes before anyone in ear shot knew a) they were brother and sister, 2) they were going to Paragould Arkansas, and c) their mother had suffered a heart attack. Loud, obnoxious people. And what does the flight attendant do? Sells them more alcohol. Ugh. The good news is that they only sold them one drink.

Now it gets interesting. Something happened between the two and they started to argue, cuss at each other, and shout. Then she started to hit him. It got really out of hand. Passengers were ringing the flight attendants bells but when they came the couple was somehwat better so they did nothing. When they started up again passengers started offering to have one of them trade seats. Eventually a passengers told the flight attendant to tell them they had to trade with him and it worked.

Once they were seperated things improved; however, the passenger who traded to sit by her turned around and bought her two more drinks! I don't understand that at all. My "row mate" thought perhaps he was trying to get her to pass out. I was concerned she would puke. When we touched ground, but still had to taxi to the gate, she tried to light up a cigarette. The guy who traded had to stop her a couple times. When it was time to go she somehow ended out in front of me and was hollaring that some f****** stole her luggage and she was trying to go toward the back of the plane against the flow of traffic. What a nightmare. I was disappointed at the lack of concern by the Northwest crew. If me and all the passengers around me immediatley recognized these folks were drunk, why in the world did they sell them more liquor?


Julie said...

Whoa...what a terrible experience! I hope you are going to Memphis for a fun reason! Have a good rest of the time, I hope!!! :)

luvonne said...

I don't know how much good it would do, but perhaps you can report the problem to the airline...maybe you can get free travel vouchers out of that nightmare experience, because that sounds like no fun whatsoever. Enjoy the rest of your travels!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, what disgusting behavior. They should have had their butts booted from the plane.

Glad you made there ok though! :)


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