Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carmel Apples, sorta

I can't believe that I spent 4 hours making carmel apples and forgot to take a photo! I was going to make it a tutorial like I see on other's blogs but that wouldn't have worked due to the sticky mess I made of my kitchen and anything I touched.

Thursday night I took a dozen granny smith apples, covered them in carmel, rolled them in either cashews, pecans, or almonds, poured milk chocolate over them and then finally garnished them with white chocolate. I had a lot of melting malfunctions but luckily I bought way too many ingredients. In fact so much so that I mixed the leftover white chocolate with the cashews and the milk chocholate with the pecans and had homemade candy! Sadly, I poured the leftover carmel into the trash :( I mean, what do you do with that stuff? It was half hardened already.

When I lived in Kodiak I made a batch of these every year for the Human Society to tell at the big AAUW bazzar as a fundraiser. I sometimes used red hots, coconut, sprinkels, little chocholate chips, etc. But nuts seem to be the fav so I'm sticking with those these days,

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