Friday, November 14, 2008


Nasa had a night launch of the space shuttle Endeavor tonight. I went outside to see if I could see it and heard my neighbors hooping & hollaring when I came out. I had just missed seeing it! Between the low clouds and the big oak trees, just can't just walk outside for a view, you have to find a spot.

Now I am watching/listening to the NASA channel. They have an external camera showing it live from the......they just dropped the external tank! That was cool looking. Does everyone get that channel? I find the whole idea of a space shuttle incomprehensible. Thank goodness there are smart people in the world :) If it was up to me, I'm not sure we even have automobiles yet! LOL They are replaying it now...........see ya! Vickie


Anonymous said...

I just watched them on TV. I never get tired of watching a shuttle launch :)

Julie said...

We just had a clear and perfect view of it going up! Awesome!!!
I had just posted about it as well!!! The took bugs up and a urine recycler for drinking water!!!

luvonne said...

Wow! I remember watching the Challenger tragedy when it happened. I was in the 6th grade and our teacher let us all go outside to watch it (btw,I love to tell Tony that story b/c he was in college at the makes him cringe every single time). Those were my FL days living in Pt Charlotte. That is one of those moments you never forget where you were, even at that young age.

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