Saturday, November 22, 2008

Found It!

I found the thing that plugs into the thing on my digital camera and then into the USB on my laptop. I have photos again - Yippee!

It's been getting cold on and off here in Florida and I ended up getting sweaters for my fur family. Here's Eddie both modeling a sweater that looks really good on him and acting as though he is not the person responsible for the destuffing of yet another toy (notice the fiber fill on floor and sofa).

Daisey's is a velour hoodie. Jerry took it off of her and set it on the piano. Later she was pacing around the piano & looking up. I picked it up and she jumped on the chaise lounge and danced around. I came near here with it and she extended her neck and closed her eyes. She likes to get dressed - she is a material girl!

Chloe the chi looks quite cute in her $2.50 sweater from the bargain bins at Target.

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Julie said...

Oh, everybody looks so cute and warm! Just tonight I bought a tee-shirt for Doozey from the bargain bins at Target. It says Santas Little Helper on it. She will wear it on Thanksgiving, unless it is too cold and then she will wear her Christmas Tree sweater with an LCD light in the star at top of tree. She thinks she is so hot when she wears that one!!! LOL.

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