Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four Christmases

Mom & I went to the movies last night in place of dinner out. Funny, the hot dog and drink at the movie cost as much as most restaurants. Here's a tip, if you want water at the movie, drink out of the fountain because a small bottle of water is $2.75. When did this happen?

Back to the movie, I laughed outloud several times. There are many funny parts to this movie about dysfuctional family gatherings during the holidays. This is your spoiler warning because the next paragraph tells more - if you don't want to know stop reading here................

WARNING - the spolier part. OK, the story is that this couple, who are according to the movie plot very self absorbed, tell their family each Christmas that they are doing charity work (such as immunizing children in Burma) but really they are going on a nice vacation for just the two of them. Well, this one particular year San Francisco is completely fogged in and all flights are cancelled. Serendipiously, there is a news crew at the airport who happen to shine the camera on them for an interview about stranded guess it, their families saw them on the news.

Since both come from divorced parents (part of the reason they are say no marriage) they drive all around the San Francisco area visiting the four different parents. The part I don't understand is if they drove that far, why not go to another airport? It wasn't foggy at all the houses. Oh well, I guess I have to resolve that they were busted by the families.

It becomes clear that each was traumatized by their families as children and I won't spoiled the movie with all the detail but if you watch it and you think it is going to end up a bummer, don't worry. This is a light hearted movie so everything will turn out OK in the end. While funny & set during Christmas, it will not become a Christmas standard for me. I'll stick with A Christmas Story, LOL.


Julie said...

Sounds like a fun movie! We went to see Australia last was awesome!!! Some thing...we spent a fortune on small popcorns and small cokes for 5 people!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

I've heard Austrailia is a great movie and hope to see it soon. Another thing, movie popcorn used to taste so good but now I find I like a good microwave popcorn better - it's hot and not oily.

Rusty in Miami said...

Thanks for the info, I think I’ll pass

Mistress Meeyee said...

I saw on a blog I follow that you said you have 2 ratters too!!! I just have one but he is the best little dog ever!!!I always wanted one because my neighbor from my childhood had a little girl rat terrier and I loved her so much.I have had my Mickey for 5 years now.

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