Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Made It Myself Monday (on Tuesday)

Got photos of the vests, coats, and purse I made from that Alabama fabric for a internet friend who is crazy about Bama football. The top photo is her grown rat terrier Katie Scarlet giving the evil eye to the new puppy Beaureguard (a.k.a. Beau) because he was wiggling during the photoshot of them in their Bama vests. Little Beau has some growing to do before his fits him!

A beautiful shot of Miss Katie Scarlet (a.k.a. KS) in her new coat. I made a matching scarf but she wanted to include her big sister Dixie (below) by letting her model it. The coat is reversible with the Bama fabric on the other side.

Final shot is KS, the purse I made for their mamma Jan, and little Beau. Katie is teaching Beau how to pose, LOL.


cindee said...

They look so cute(-: Jack loves to wear a shirt when its cold out.

tina said...

I was going to post on the above posts but then saw this chair! I have two like this. My armchair is specifically like this and probably made by the same manufacturer. I purchased it at an antique store in---Florida! I was so thrilled to find it as it matched one my husband acquired from the curb, though his is a bit different. Too cool to see the same one at your place. I like them because they don't have hardware to recline so it is easy. Yours too? Where did you get yours?

You travel to some cool places. I have never been to Arkansas.

I voted and what a historic election!

The clothes are cute!

My LIttle Family: said...

Tina - the beautiful chair is not mine. I sent the dog clothing to an online friend and she took the photos of her dogs in the chair. Yes, it is lovely.

tina said...

Well lucky friend! I was hoping to hear its history.

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