Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 of 4 Boxes Has Arived

I sent out 4 Christmas boxes (so far) but only 1 has arrived - bummer. I mailed out doggie stuff before human gifts because I made/sewed stuff meaning I had to start early. Apparently, not early enough. My online friend Michelle in Wisconsin got her box today and here's her pack modeling their doggie jammies I made for them. I am hoping my recipients in California & New York get theirs tomorrow :(

Meet Ms. Sydney. She is a petite Jack russell and it sounds as if she rules the roost at her house. She is modeling her new black polar flece jammies with embrodiered cheeries. Sydney has been featured on my blog before - she's the one who looks so good in red (although this photo makes her jammies look trimmed in hot pink, not red). These sames jammies were modeled on this blog by my Miss Daisey.
This is Buddy, Michelle's granddog, who is a mix of Jack Russell and Rat Terrier. Buddy was Michelle's foster until her son Jordan adopted him. Apparently Buddy thinks clothes with legs are gonna need some getting used to. He's sporting Michelle favorite teamwear in fleece.

Finally there is Sonic the Rat Terrier that Michelle & Mike rescued. Mike is a Packers fan and they live in Wisconsin so I made his jammes from Green Bay team wear. Mr. Sonic is a plus size rattie so I altered the pattern and they look good from what I see. I did the same for a vest I previously made for him so I guess you could say that Sonic has his own personal seamstress, LOL.

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Julie said...

You are one of the sweetest people I know! They are adorable! The jammies and the dogs!!!

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