Friday, December 26, 2008

Chloe Home From Hospital

She's not the same dog but she is back. She still has a head tilt but the body bend is improved. She's got two shaved areas from blood draws & IVs. Plus, she has a large bruise on her tummy that no one can explain. She stinks! She's been peeing on herself. They said they tried to clean her up for me but I could smell her a foot away. Poor thing.

The important thing is to continue meds and to get her to eat & drink. I asked if they were able to feed her and they said only if they hand fed her baby food. She suggested the meat types as long as there is no onion or garlic in them. I didn't want to leave her in the car to run into the grocery store for baby food so I made due with what we had on hand - Christmas prime rib. Not only did she eat every bit I gave her and gave me those big brown eyes that said "more please", but it seemed to bring her out of her stupor. She seemed alert and was following me with her eyes.

I just went to check on her and she had peed on her big bed so I changed beds. She has a dressing on her leg because it didn't want to quit bleeding when they removed the line. In fact, they had to redo it while I was there because blood soaked through. Anyway, point is that I want to bath her but thinking I should wait a little longer. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. They said I could take hte bandage off in a couple hours. She's a mess but she is home.

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SusiesQs said...

I'm glad she's home and I hope she has a full recovery. Poor little thing....

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