Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Noodles Is Still Missing

Please help my friend find Noodles, her beloved Rat Terrier, who went missing Dec 10th in the San Antonio area. If you don't live there, please cross post on your blog or send this posting to someone you know in the area. My friend's only wish for Christmas is to get her Noodles back. Please help by getting the world and her photos out there in the cyber world.

She is microchipped so if there is any doubt, take her to a vet or shelter to check for it.Miss Noodle is a special little girl and is very much loved by her family. They are distraught by her disappearance. Let's see if we can get her face and story all over the blogosphere and increase her chances of making it home by Christmas.


Julie said...

Oh, bad news, Vickie! :( I posted about Noodles in my sidebar! I hope someone finds her soon!!! Keep us posted on any news. I'm sure you will anyway. :)

cindee said...

Oh dear. I just read this post and it breaks my heart. I don't know what I would do if Jack was lost. I will post this on my blog right now. I hope they find Noodles asap.

studio lolo said...

OMG my heart breaks for you! Are you in Florida and your dog is lost in Texas?
I have a rat terrier mix that I'm sure I'd die without. I'll keep Noodles in my prayers and post an alert on my blog.
Please let us all know if she's found!
Oh, in my area you have to go to the shelters every day because they don't take descriptions over the phone. Thank goodness she's microchipped though :)
Good luck!

marianne said...

I hope Ms. Noodles finds her way home soon!
Unfortunately I can´t help you from here but I will keep my fingers crossed

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