Thursday, January 15, 2009

22 Years!!

Twenty two years ago today Jerry and I were married on the beautiful island of Kauaii. Here's one of our wedding photos from that perfect day.

I sent Jerry one of those edible arrangments today. It went to his work so I wasn't able to get a photo before Jerry and the rest of the crew enjoyed it. This is a photo from the web site - same thing just different container. I've always liked these but have never had one. The half dipped chocolate strawberry was particuarly yummy. Below is a photo of 22 carved in pineapple.

When I got home from work mom had left us a cake, a bottle of dessert wine, and a flower arrangment. Great cake - whipped creamed frosting and 4 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate mousse between!

LOL, here is what was left of our anniversary dinner. We have a busy night scheduled because my cousin Diane and her husband Dan are coming tomorrow for the weekend so I brought home Thai food. A little out of the ordinary for us and not too heavy before doing housecleaning.


Julie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That is a beautiful and very yummy sounding cake! What a nice Mom!

tina said...

Happy Anniversary! 22 years is so wonderful. Hubby and I are on 15 and I was thinking that was good-but 22 years-that is super!

I was surprised to see edible arrangements. My sister prepares them and works in the Tampa area. Perhaps you know her? A redhead like you. Such a small world. Her first name is Joanne.

FoxyMoron said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. 22 years is a great achievement in this day and age. What a thoughtful mum you have too.

Hey Tina, we're on 15 too.

tina said...

Don't you just feel great FoxyMoron? 15 is pretty good too I think:)

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