Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flea Battle, Chapter 2

Today I went through their fur and found no fleas on either dog. That was a great feeling, especially after I got 2 off Eddie and 4 off Daisey last night! Next I bathed Eddie in flea soap. I scrubbed it in with my fingernails for 5 minutes and then gently rubbed him for another 5 so that the stuff could stay on him for 10 minutes (direction said let it sit for 5 minutes). Then I used the WaterPik handheld to rinse and then turned it on the massage setting so that it would part the fur and I could see his skin. I found nothing on Eddie. Yippee!

Next I did Daisey. I got three dead ones of her due to the shampooing but the WAterPok massage showed nothing. Great! Or at least I thought......I wrapped her in a towel and held her for a while before I went to towel dry her. When I lifted the towel there was a LIVE flea on her back. Ugh. So I used a comb on them both and raked and raked but found nothing. Cross your fingers it's over.

I moved my orchids back outside today. What a big job that is. I chased a few lizards out of the house as a result of the orchid hotel. They didn't look well. Hopefully they will spring back to life after a nice meal outside. Hey! I wonder if lizards eat fleas! Tomorrow I will post photos of all the little flower buds I saw when moving my plants. I am thinking that in about a month I will have lots of flowers :)

Chloe is feeling good enough now where she wants to be in the same room as me at all times. I took her out to the screen porch today and when I went in for a phone call she actually got herself back into the house. That meant she somehow got herself up about a 6 inch step. I missed it so I have no idea how she did it. She made it across the tile kitchen floor but was stopped by the wood floor in the dining area.

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Julie said...

I hope that is the end of the flea problem for you! I just felt so bad for the dog when it happened here...all that scratching, and it made me sick just to see that.

Glad Chloe is feeling better!!! YEAH!

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