Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

My orchids are back ouside! Here's a couple photos of the screen porch where most of my orchids live. I believe they are very happy to be in a humid environment instead of a dry house.

Here's a shot of the walkway where 5 orchids hang. Four of the 5 have either blooms or bloom spikes! You get to see your plants up close and personal when you move them all into your house and then move them backoutside.

Speaking of blooms, this relatively new plant has never bloomed before and I was pleasantly surprized to see this! Someone in an earlier post inquired about the name of this orchid. I still haven't found it, sorry. When I figure it out I will post it - promise. Anyway, the bloom is a mystery to me so I can hardly wait to see what it looks like.

My favorite Cattleye has 4 buds! I had no idea until I was putting them backoutside and gave them all a close look and cleaning. Just wait till you see these. They are bearded/ruffled! I promise to post a photo this year. Last year I missed it.

Phalanopsis have huge bloom spikes. Unfortunately, I accidentally lopped the top off one. Hopefully there are still bloom eyes left on the spike :(

This has an amaizing scent when the bloom opens. I am so excited! It blooms only once a year aand usually the beginning of February. Last year it had two blooms but looks like this year will be back to normal with only one. I almost lost this plant to bad gardening this year. I had to water it back to health so I am thankful it's blooming at all. It needs repotted yet it hates being repotted. What's a gardener to do?

This is a bloom spike on a miniature plant. It looks so large in the photo but it is teeny.

A hanging Cattleya in the Key Lime tree. It has two double bloom spikes. This plant looks very happy about it's last year in the lime tree - it's grown, plemntiful blooms, and healthy looking leaves.

I didn't bring my stag horn fern inside but it looks fine. It's protected by it's location under the Key Lime tree. My neighbor had his all covered in a blanket so i was concerned. At our house I only saw frost on the top of the cars and spots in the lawn.

The photos above and below are of my pool garden - boy does it need some work! My plan was to cut it back today but I had a swollen gland last night and this moring a bit of a scratchy throat. I believe it would be unwise to work outside today. Right now if you tried to walk around the pool you would likely fall in being pushed by overgrowth. Jerry suggested I call a landscaper but I had horrible memories of Conan the Landscaper from 2 year ago and said "no way".


spookydragonfly said...

As much as I love my woods, your corner of the world looks so inviting with all of those tropicals...and that pool! A-h-h!! Thanks for sharing and "taking me away"..even briefly! I like your picture of the week in the cube...I might have to borrow that idea!

Rusty in Miami said...

Nice collection of orchids, I have several this winter with many buds, I am patiently waiting

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