Friday, February 6, 2009

Daisey's Coat Giveaway Results

Remember the fancy pink coat I made for Daisey and it got a tad snug? Well, I sent it to Tinkerbell in Georgia. Here she is modeling it with her two sons Ace (left) and Spoticus (center). Tink's boys are about 6 month old I believe.
Isn't she lovely? I thought after having 6 babies and now raising 2 teenaged boys she deserved something special.

Ace (right) is a "Tuxedo" rattie (black body) and Spoticus & Tinkerbelle are the more typical tri-color.


Julie said...

That coat is beautiful, Vickie!!! What a gift you have! Of course, the model makes it look even more spectacular!!! I finally got in the see the pics of Princess Tugboat Chloe! What a cutie! I left a reply!!! Thanks for getting me in the right spot! I used to be on the greatest forum in the world (Chihuahua forum) that was based in England...some of the cutest baby chi's EVER!!! Babies are so cute no matter what the species!!!

Renna said...

They are all adorable, tho the teenage males might not like to be thought of as so. ;-)

cindee said...

That coat is just awesome!!!!! She looks very proud to be wearing it too!! The boys look very happy too!!!(-: I just love Ratties. They have such a great personality!

Anonymous said...

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