Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Dog Food

I'm giving this one a try. The dogs LOVE it. I said to the lady at Pet Food Warehouse that I was thinking of warming it up in a tomato sauce and then pouring it over pasta. You should have seen her face! It is sold from refrigerated cases so am thinking she thought that I thought it was human food. LOL

I don't know if it is the ongoing flea issue or it is the weekly change in dog food but Eddie has itchy patches almost void of fur. I don't feed anything with corn or grain but something is up.


tina said...

It might be sarcoptic mange. My dogs got it. It is VERY contagious and they can get it from anywhere, animals in the yard or whatever. The vet couldn't believe it and said all the dogs had allergies. Ha! Not so until she finally found a mite under the microscope. A shot of invermectin takes care of it.

Julie said...

I was going to say possibly mange...Doozey had a case of it right after she got was caused by stress...she had to be dipped every so many weeks for about 5 times and then it was gone. They tried giving Doozey the Ivermectin in oral form, but gave her too much for her size and she had vomiting and walked like a drunken we went to the dipping method with a different vet, to be safe. That scared the CRAP out of me when they essentially overdosed my little chichi.

Skeeter said...

Poor Eddie. I saw this food in our local grocery store and wondered what it was. I had to stop and open up the door and take a peek even though we dont even have a dog! lol. It does look good enough to eat!

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