Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle ***Spoiler Alert***

This puzzle.....

Name an item often found on a desk. It's a hyphenated word. Add an 'S' to the beginning of each part, and you'll get two synonyms. What's the item?

.....has been bugging me all week. I even went online to find out if anyone else was blogging about it. They were and they weren't giving up the answer! I finally figured it out tonight and I am willing to share but then again, I could be wrong. I sent in my answer feeling about 80% sure I am right.



Julie said...

When do you find out the answer??? Your guess is as good as any, I'd say! How fun! I love NPR!

My Little Family: said...

Julie - the answer offically comes out on Sunday morning during Will Shortz appearance. It's on here about 8:40am. If you get the right answer and are lucky enough to have your name drawn at random, you get a call at 3pm on Thursday. I forget when the deadline for entering is, but there are websites were people post their guessea after the submission deadline. Vickie

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