Sunday, March 15, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

I thought I would do a little something different for Green Thumb Sunday today. Instead of a residential garden, I thought I would honor the gardens that while seen, may go unnoticed as a garden - the boundary garden. These are the small plots you see that create entrances and seperations for commercial properties or neighborhood entrances. While they have a big job doing traffic control, broken down to the smallest denomination they are a collection of plants. In my book a collection of plants is a garden!
This is the entryway to a nearby neighborhood. This area seperates the driveways going in and out of the community. Too bad I couldn't get the top of the palm in the photo because it is a beautiful palm.

My hood. It's hard to photo our entrance because there is a giant ditch across the street and I was afraid to back up to get the widest view for fear of falling in, LOL. Notice in the very back of the photo is a gazebo. Mostly this photo catches the entrance and not so much of the exit side. At Christmas there are poinsettias in the bark area you see at the front of the median. In fall chrysantemums, etc.

The local fire station. Lovely, lovely old oak and lots of very healthy crynum lillies.

The street side garden of an apartment building. This is that sometimes difficulty to garden area between the street and sidewalk and they ahve done a great job. These areas tend to be dry and hot. In our neighborhood you have to have grass there.

Entrance to apartment building next to where my friends from Kodiak stayed. Looks much nicer in real life- photo just didn't catchit. Remember, this is winter time.

And finally the median garden into the hotel suites where Jim & Sandy stayed int he Rocky Point area of Tampa. This strip seperates the entrance and exit. The hot red color is striking.
These gardens I've featured are often surrounded by black top and don't always have the helpful shade of big tree to ward off the harsh Florida sun. Even in these tough environments they function as traffic managers and greets. Kudos to the border garden!


cindee said...

All very pretty. I enjoyed the tour!(-:

Julie said...

Such beautiful areas there, Vickie! I may have to do this one day and find some pretty medians, etc. You are right...I tend to kind of discount these areas, but many are just stupendous in their color and forms! I am thinking of a place like that right day I will get over there and take pics!

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