Monday, March 9, 2009

I Solved the NPR Sunday Puzzle

**UPDATE** "At A Loss For Words" is what I submitted. I believe it's correct ;)

It took a while because I assumed it was an idiom and couldn't get "Cat Got Your Tongue" out of my mind. Turns out it was a simple phrase. My hint, for those interested in solving it, is "misplaced lanaguage". In case you forgot the puzle, here it is again:

Q: Think of a familiar phrase in five words that means 'tongue tied.' One word in it has one letter, one word has two letters, one has three, one has four and one has five — though not necessarily in that order. What is the phrase?

I will leave more hints for those who leave a comment ;)


Skeeter said...

I had "Cat got your tongue" on the brain also. Told you i am not good at these games

Julie said...

OMG...I am sitting here in a hotel in Miami with my daugher, and I told her the puzzle and she just said it right out! It has to be right!!! Do you want me to tell you here? No...I will send you an e-mail with what we think is right, as not to tell the answer to your other readers!!!

I am on my way to Key West and will probably not get a chance to see blog until later tomorrow will reply in some way as soon as I can!!!

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