Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Thumb Festival

Here's my photos from the Green Thumb Festival in St. Pete that I attended over the weekend. It's like a gardener's carnival! They have demonstrations, a plant auction, flower show,. kid's activities, free mulch, recycling info, county extension services, etc. Oh, and tons of vendors, of course! (click for larger photos)
The entry

About midway through

The food court

My lunch

My lunch on pants ;)

My purchase from the Florida WestCoast Bromeliad Society - the guy was grumpy but I was happy with my purchase anyway.

More bromeliads

"Sparkle" - who needs Mickey Mouse??






Plant shoppers

more vendors


Jewled flamingos!!!

Pottery mushrooms

Orchid vendor

Very busy with shoppers

Lots of garden art vendors

All sorts of outdoor items

Aren't these little carts useful? You can borrow them. I just brought a fabric bag that I usually take to the grocery store - hey, it worked!

This orchid vendor had lots of interesting outdoor art


What your feet look like after walking around an outdoor venue for a couple hours. My husband was appalled that I would post this photo on my "bog". I explained my blog readers are mostly gardeners and they will "get it". LOL


CiNdEe said...

What fun! I love the sun/palm tree metal art thing and the mushrooms! I also love the flamingos(-: What great stuff. How were the prices??
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

Julie said...

LOLOL on the dirty feet!!! Ha ha ha...mine looked like this just hte other day!

What a great plant sale! I know you had fun! Did you end up with just the Broms? No orchids???

They had a ton of succulents. I am thinking I need to try some rarer ones that I will have to mail order. I just fear they will die after buying them from far away and spending big bucks! I need to just be happy with what I already have!!! :)

My Little Family: said...

CiNdEe - they were all individual vendors so the prices varied. The mushroom were too high for me, 3 for $60. I didn't have any trouble finding values.

Julie - I did buy 1 orchid. I go for the unusual orchids these days and I went on Sunday so I was a day late for the top choice. You will have to come up next year!

belinda said...

OH....I would have loved to attend this festival!!
*LOL* feet used to look like that everyday when we had our greenhouse open to the public....I got REALLY tired of scrubbing and working on them everynight just to do it all over again the next day!

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