Sunday, April 5, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

I worked in the garden all day and, as a result, I took no time to buy a new memory card for my camera. So, this Green Thumb Sunday will be a text-only post.

A fellow I used to work with (he retired, lucky dog) offered me some bromeliads from his yard. His were WAY overgrown and screaming for a thinning. I must have come home with 25 - 30 plants - I haven't seperated them yet but I believe they are three different types.

I am determined to make my Bromeliad border work. I did it a fe years ago and some of them didn't appreciate the amount of sun they get. The ones I got today mostly came from deep shade so I will be using them in another area. So I thought I would plant something behind my bromeliads to grow up and give them more shade. I did my research, picked out a couple plants that would work well, and went to the home center. Of course they didn't have what I was looking for so......I bought something else, unresearched, because I am the impatient garden. Got it home and realized it's a water-loving plant. Ugh...........

Anyway, I dug out my border garden, added the new plants, and then replanted the broms I already had. It's looking good and I hope it works! I'm making a committment to my gardening friends that I WILL post a photo some time this week :)


cindee said...

Wow lucky you!(-: That is a lot!!!Another plant that won't grow for me here in burning What is shade anyhow? I do have shade just not cool enough for bromeliads (-: Can't wait to see pictures of your new plants!

Julie said...

Can't wait to see!!!!! You hit the Bromeliad motherload!!!

Rusty in Miami said...

I can’t wait to see the results. I also adding more bromeliads in my garden, they are easy plants for our tropical gardens.

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