Sunday, April 12, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

I like using Bromeliads as border plants because they stay so contained, crete a great edge, and can really crowd out the weeds; however, it's a battle to find jst the right ones in terms of light conditions. So, here's what I did last weekend when I dug my broms, removed most of the scorched & brown ones, then replanted them to the front of this tiny border but with heliconias behind them. Hopefully the heliconias will go up about 3 ft. and help to provide some shade. This area is either dark or bright depending ont he time of day.

The hels need a little time to get established and look their best. Considering I broke each container into 3 - 5 plants, they don't look too bad.

Well.....drumroll.....this is my NEW bromeliad border! This is made from the plants I got from a retired coworker last weekend. I still have plenty left too! I also have several potted topical plants in the area because of the sun protection of the fence. Oh, and you can see I moved my stag-horn ferm here too. This is where that old, ugly propane tank used to be until Friday. Yuppee! I considered making this strip a fern grotto but ferns get out of control quickly here.

My new broms look a little weary right now but give them a few weeks. I planted 5 groups of them and then filled in a little with petunias. I often use annuals in the holes of new plantings until the perrenials fill in. Otherwise, I use annuals for seasonal pot gardening only.

And the last brom border garden is the one next to the screen porch. The bromeliads here are mixed in with Zanadu & Peace Lily. They seem very happy on this side where they are more shaded than across the walkway (first photos).

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