Friday, April 24, 2009

Pet Food Warehouse

I was in my favorite store again this week - Pet Food Warehouse in St. Pete. LOL, I used to think that stores like Nordstrom were my favorite! How things change.....

In the vein of high end merchandise, the dinosaur above is a $99.99 toy. This one is called TuffZilla - a 7 on the tough scale. This thing was HUGE - 27" tall. Too big for my ratties was an impressive toy none the less. Click here if you want to see more info on these tuff toys that I buy for my dogs. I prefer the sea creature line because of the shapes and the tuff factor of 6.

This is an interesting new toy. It is already flat so there's no stuffing to strew all over the house; however, it does have squeakers - many of them! I ended up buying this toy and Eddie was happy with it right away.

Look at the size of that dog treat! They also have a 5" version but this was impressive. I guess I was impressed by the sheer size of things that day. LOL The Merrick Company makes lots of good chewies that I feel safe giving to my ratties. No rawhide in my house (ok, will make exception for compressed rawhide). Learn more here.

Now that's a bully stick! I can just see my Eddie trying to walk though a doorway with in his mouth, LOL. More info here. I ended up getting Moo Tubes.

Here's a shot of the chewie area. Bulley stick, lamb spizzels, etc. This store is amaizing - they have everything you've ever heard of. Plus, pineapple popcicles for humans. Yummt!

This is one size of a huge displayer of packaged treats. Plus there are more treats on end caps and other areas in the store. They also have raw food in frozen * in freeze dried and in two brands with several varities each. They now also have fresh food that Daisey LOVES.

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CiNdEe said...

Jack would love this place. He loves rawhide but it makes him barf. So I have to keep it away from him. My daughter gives her dog those barfy treats though! Jack loves squeekers and he will tear out the stuffing of his toys too!

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