Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Someone" Is Messing With My Eggs

Someone or something has moved my flamingo's Easter eggs around. Doubtful it is human playing tricks on me because they have only been moved a foot or so. Don't think the wind because we've had many windy days lately and only today were they were repositioned. I'm thinking SQUIRREL!

I recently read someone else's blog where a dead tree came down and inside were squirrel babies all bedded down in fake snow that the adults had stolen from this bloggers Christmas decorations, LOL. So far none of the eggs are missing and I'm not sure what a squirrel would do with them anyway. Perhaps a cowbird will come lay her eggs under the flamingo :)

It's a mystery!


JaMean said...

The squirrel was probably playing games with them. That is too funny!!

cindee said...

Thats a funny story about the squirrels in the tree with the Christmas snow! How interesting to see what is moving the eggs. Hopefully you will see what is doing it!!!

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