Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

Hibiscus in my favorite shade of pink

My one and only tomato in my Topsy Turvy

Spider plant is doing awsome - making lots of little plants

Border is filling in with bromeliads & heliconias

Bromeliad with baby brome

One of the new broms from Green Thumb Festival and this one has been having trouble getting rooted and I've knocked it out of the ground a couple times :(

This is popping up in my brom garden and I can only assume it is a brome

Staghorn ferm suffering a little from the heat

Anthirium blooms look good but the plant is showing a little stress due to heat

Shrimp plant could care less about the heat

Dendrobium bloom in the key lime tree

And another

Remember the pool garden border I cut back a few weeks ago - it's back

Never got these vincas planted but they seem happy anyway!


CiNdEe said...

Just slithering by to say hi(-:
I love all your plants(-: I had a staghorn fern but it froze one year. I should have brought it inside)-: I was so bummed. It was doing so well too! I might have to try another one cuz they are so neat looking I think! The pool looks wonderful! I could jump in right now. Its 100 outside!

Julie said...

Ooooooh...I love that top pic of the gorgeous pink hibiscus! It is just perfect!!! Many gorgeous plants here, Vickie...seems the orchids are all going crazy right now everywhere. Those Vincas are so cute like little pinwheels in a way!

luvonne said...

I always look forward to your plant photos....beautiful. I'm totally rooting for your lone tomato. Make it a special occasion when you harvest that one!

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