Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Back....At Least I Believe So

I am finally back online after my "seamless" transition from seperate cable, internet, and telephone providers to a bundled package :) Nothing ever goes quite as expected. During this down time, I got new kitchen appliances! And not a minute to soon because stove wans't working and refrigerator was on last leg. These outta keep us for 20 years (I hope). Now, here are the highlights:

Look how shiny and clean! My oven won't look like that for long. We've used it to cook Turkey potpies (the ones I have a blog entry about from last Thanksgiving), a sockeye salmon, and maccaroni and cheese. Woo hoo!

The frige has several specialty drawers with the perfect climate for certain items. This is a photo of the cigar & blueberry drawer. Very handy since we consistently have these two items on hand!

The next one is the battery drawer. This one is supposed to be for Energizer batteries only. I have some old Duracels but afraid if I put them in there might be an explosion!


Julie said...

Oh, hi Vickie! How wonderful to be with new appliances now! How fun is that??? Nothing like a few new upgrades to make you very happy! I like your cigar and blueberry drawer...I wonder how many of these there are in the country, or world??? LOL!!!!

luvonne said...

Be glad you took pictures of your beautiful new appliances....they will never look that way again!! lol

CiNdEe said...

What great new items!!! It is nice to get them before the old ones die(-:
How do you like your combined service now?

JaMean said...

CONGRATS on the new appliances! That is SO fun! :) And as for adpoting puppies, he wasn't supposed to They thought he was 2. Oops!

FoxyMoron said...

I am SO jealous! It looks great.

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