Thursday, July 2, 2009

Luau Thursday

I always keep a Gumby and Pokey on my desk so.....since everyone at work was dressed in floral shirts and leis I thought I would dress up G&P too :) The rest are photos of our Luau for Employee Appreciation Day. I didn't want to post coworker photos.


carla said...

is gumby a boy or girl?
i have them somewhere too, from my younger day. altho i do have a stuffed gumby from some fair.

looks like a nice party.

My Little Family: said...

That's a good question. I read somehwere that children assume both Gumby & Pokey are males; yet, I don't believe their gender has been openly assigned. There's no clothing or hair to use as an indicator. I believe the voice used for Gumby is androgynous.

I half expected someone at work to comment on the bikini top I placed on Gumby but they didn't. I believe my coworkers are smart enough to know that gender identification is probably a sketchy conversation for the workplace :)

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