Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marge's Birthday

We celebrated Marge's birthday today even though it is not until Tuesday - in our family everyone's birthday is on Saturday, LOL. She will be turning 88. On the way home from mom's condo, Marge made a remark where she hesitated when referring to herself as "elderly". I told her she had two more years until she had to consider herself elderly!

My mom always sets a beautiful table - even for a simple family dinner. Tonight she fixed a meat loaf, a mushrrom gravy, maskeh potatoes, risotto (because Jerry doesn't eat potatoes), baked brocolli & asparagus, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in a nice marinade, and cornbread & biscuits. It was a very quiet table because we were all hungry AND it was SOOOOO good!

Photo of hubby with his mom.

After dinner we went into the living room where Marge opened her gifts AND we watched the Razorbacks get stomped by "some other southern team" :)

I believe she will like these "TV Ears" since she lives in an apartment and has hearing loss.

Due to low vision (macular degeneration) she is a little afraid of candles so this infuser seems like a good alternative.

She'll read the cards under her machine tonight.

Birthday cake! Mom made a yellow butter cake with lemon filling and white frosting. We also had ice cream and coffee.
Marge is very lucky as I don't believe that many people get to live to 88; plus, she is a healthy.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Marge!!! Looked like quite a dinner party! That whole meal sounded so goooood, and then the cake really looked devine!!!

FoxyMoron said...

What a lovely family gathering! Happy Birthday to Marge from Australia. That meal looked wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

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