Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Hello members of the blogosphere. Long time, no see.

I got bad news concerning my Dad yesterday. Seems Monday night he took a fall and his leg and/or ankle is broken. He sees an orthopedic tomorrow. Poor guy just can't catch a break this year. My plan is to go see him mid October for his birthday. I've been to Arkansas three times in 2009 so far and none of them were planned or for a fun visit. I just can't believe that all this is happening to him.

I've finally given in to the texting thing. I fought it for years but I have friends and family members that text me and since I didn't have text on my plan, it was costly. So, not only have I added texting to my wireless plan, I also needed a new phone so I got one with a keyboard.

This is my "old" phone. I liked the slider operation and it's features but it had a bad habit - if I turned it off then the first call after it was turned back on would not go through for me. It would ring on the other end but all I heard was dead air. Drove my friends and family crazy until I got smart and just never turned it off.

Introducing my new phone! I feel as though I am stepping up in the technological world because this one has a flip out keyboard. Wouldn't you know it? I added 1,000 texts to my plan and got a new easy-text phone and now I am not getting them. LOL


Julie said...

I am so sorry about your Dad! Hopefully he will heal up soon. He has had a rough year, for sure!

I am resisting texting full on! They want to teach us at work, and I hope it never happens!

CiNdEe said...

Wow you are way ahead of me. I refuse to do the texting thing. The kids do it but I just say call me if you want to talk(-: LOL
I am sorry about your dad. Seems like we are having the same troubles with our parents. My mom was in the hospital twice last week. It sure is hard.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

The other day I drove our babysitter home and she was texting without looking at the phone keyboard - she was looking out the window and talking to me. Wow! It scared me a bit. I do not have a cell phone and don't plan on it either. I do have a SAT phone but people can not call me on it!


carla said...

Sorry to hear about your dad having more bad luck. Hope he feels better the rest of the year.

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